Custom-made production

Custom-made production

Professional experience

We are ready and eager to take any custom jobs, as we have been working for the hotel and healthcare industry for 27 years, where specific needs and product tailoring are everyday business.


Many backs have our bedding system to thank for a peaceful night in a number of hotels, youth hostels, dorms, and healthcare institutions. These products all came from an up-to-date manufacturing site with ISO certification.

End-to-end services

If the wide range of our standard product mix weren’t enough, you can also create a sleeping station of your own design and size. All you have to do is choose. Everything else is taken care of by us. Yes, that means delivery and on-site assembly as well.


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    Address: 9167 Bősárkány, Ipar u. 1.

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    ENG/DE/CH: +36204602497

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