About Us

About us

We manufacture mattresses, beds, upholstered bedroom furniture, and accessories with 30 years of professional experience and expertise. Starting from handcrafted biomattresses and pillows under artisanal conditions, we have come a long way. Over the past three decades, our mattress collections and sleep systems have reached numerous domestic and international home furnishing stores alongside brand retail networks. As the years went by, we gained increasing expertise in project orders and are now comfortable navigating the world of concept and interior design plans. We have played a role in furnishing numerous accommodations, hotels, dormitories, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, and gastronomic establishments. We are primarily successful in realizing unique client or designer visions and manufacturing small to medium-sized model series. Alongside our manufacturing knowledge and experience gained over the years, we provide product design assistance, a well-maintained supplier network, and transportation and logistics services, including on-site installation, assembly, collection, and recycling services.

To keep our knowledge of materials up to date, we regularly attend major international industry exhibitions. We work with various materials, ranging from basic functional foams to specialized spring systems and the highest quality organic latex or textiles produced from recycled plastic waste from the oceans, always tailored to the objectives and requirements. Instead of focusing on mass production resembling Chinese patterns, we have always been more interested in value creation. Therefore, we have developed our manufacturing technology to produce high-quality products in small to medium-sized series based on custom designs. While our production process benefits from digitalization and is highly mechanized, supported by an advanced enterprise resource planning system, a significant portion of our products is still crafted in accordance with the traditions of the long-established Hungarian artisanal industry.

  • made in EU
  • 30 years of manufacturing experience
  • Tested and quality-certified materials and products
  • Sustainable production
  • Strategically located manufacturing site for logistics and shipping
  • We deliver to all countries in Europe
  • Over 100 satisfied hotel owners

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