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We always wanted to present a wide selection to the retail market, but if you look at our portfolio, you can see that we are not lacking special bedroom furniture and bedding systems either. We are very well aware of the needs of healthcare institutions, or other accommodations, which need specific solutions from us. We deliver fine appearance, high quality and durability, a wide range of sizes and dimensions, and, of course, favourable pricing always adjusted to the volumes of project orders. But we do more than just simply making your bed, our other services make sure that all you have to do is lay back and enjoy. We offer complete solutions such as providing planning, professional consulting, logistics and transport to professional on-site assembly services.


Manufacturing based on interior design and interior decoration plans


Mattresses with furniture fabric covers available


Durable and comfortable sleeping solutions to meet changing needs


Functionality and design in focus


Resilient and innovative furniture structures


Specialized, cleanable, and antibacterial surfaces


We also offer joint and spine-protecting bed systems

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